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Bone fiber tube / Syntheti fiber Arc Quenching Fuse Tube/ Epoxy fiberglass tube/GPO3 tube/G5 G9 tube etcs .Its use on low/medium voltage/high voltageand high temperature fuse link fuse cutout switchgear or insulation environments .Environmental control and 100% Custom Fabrication.Fast Delivery from Tianze Electric Co,.ltd.. 24 hours on line +86 15950042209

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Tianze is a highly respected manufacturer on quality fuse tube products in China. It sourced the best available raw materials, environmental controlled production facilities, and top rated manufacturing technology gave us the leading edge over our competitors.

Tongxiang Tianze Electrical Co., Ltd. (formerly Tongxiang Shimen Electrical Factory) is located in the scenic and prosperous Shimenwan, Tongxiang City, an ancient town of rivers and lakes. Tianze covers a floor space of over 40 mu, and employs 160 people. It sits at the economic stronghold of the Yangtze River Delta, 120km away from Shanghai and 70km away from Hangzhou.

Founded in 1983, Tianze produces seven categories of products like glass cloth composite pipes, glass fiber winding composite pipes, glass cloth hollow pipes, glass fiber winding hollow casings, glass fiber drawing composite pipes, and hard paper pipes. From the hard pioneering work when the factory was initially started to technological revolution in the 1990s, Tianze has always been in a stage of stable development. In particular, the past ten years (2000-2010) have witnessed our rapid development. Over the past ten years, Tianze has been rated as “Municipal Hi-Tech Enterprise” and “Provincial Hi-Tech Enterprise”, and awarded “Quality Trustworthy Product” for five consecutive years. Our products also expand from the original three series to seven series or more than 500 categories. Tianze has also developed two national patents, which are well received by customers. In the management concept of “Begin with Customer Demand, End in Customer Satisfaction” and the business tenet of “Market-oriented, Technology-backed, Service-guaranteed”, Tianze, with strict management and advanced technology, is to better understand customer demand and constantly promote product innovation. In strict accordance with the ISO9001 Quality Management System, all our products reach the IEC standard, and passed the test of Holland KEMA company in 1990. Our products are designated qualified products for experiments of Xi’an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd., Shenyang High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Electric Power Research Institute and related enterprises. With constant breakthroughs in experiments, Tianze has been awarded a number of honorary titles. With high quality and perfect service, our domestic market share has always been in the first place in the industry. Meanwhile, our products are also sold to dozens of countries like the United States, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Britain, Japan, South Korea, Iran, India, Pakistan, Colombia, Thailand and Egypt. With mature and perfect sales network, Tianze will continue to expand broader market.

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Fuse tube as :Vulcanized fiber tube bone fiber liner ,Syntheti fuse tubes ,Environmental fuse tube ,Syntheti fiber liner ,Combination tubes, Epoxy Fiberglass tubes, High temperature tubes ,G5/G9 tubes ,TEFLON  TUBES on cable car ,fiberglass sleeve etcs ,Used on Surge Arraster ,Fuse cutout,fuse link,fuse holder ,FUSIBLE HIGH VOLTAGE POWER SWITCHGEAR FUSE LINKES Battery covers, grommets, sole­noids, capacitor covers, pilot light shields, protecting covers, motor shaft spacers, ignition coils, DC coils, relays, fuses

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Tianze sourced the best available raw materials, environmental controlled production facilities, and top rated manufacturing technology gave us the leading edge over our competitors. Our clients choose Tianze products and work with us for a long time. We look for long term working relationship with our clients from the moment you consider our products, or make the first visit to our manufacturing facility, and place your first order with us!

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Our Engineers can help you choose the best combination of tubing materials and resin for your specific application etcs contact:[email protected],
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